Category: Falklands

  • Pebble Island – 24.02.2020 [it]

    [en] In the morning, last visit to the port to witness the arrival of the ferry followed by the dolphins before the flight with the “usual” small twin-engined airplanes to reach Pebble Island. The lodge is well equipped with internet access cards, everyone rushes to buy one and tries to understand what the health situation […]

  • White Rock – 23.02.2020 [it]

    [en] After a diversion to see the remains of an Israeli-made Argentinian plane under French licence, the 4×4 trip to White Rock along a runway, if it can be seen, takes about 2 hours… On the spot, we discover a large colony of cormorants that we can observe very closely, the youngsters even come within […]

  • Falklands – 22.02.2020 [it]

    The first flight took us from Punta Arenas (Chile) to Mount Pleasant (Falklands), the military base built by the UK after the war with Argentina, which we flew over briefly… At Mount Pleasant we left the Airbus A320 for two Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander twin-engined aircraft of about 8 seats each which took us to Port Howard. After settling into the lodge, we visit the tiny museum about the war with Argentina. Among the exhibits I discover a Swiss-made mortar and a cartography manual, two objects that particularly touch me. Port Howard is the main “village” on West Island, the second largest island in the Falklands. It has 20-25 inhabitants and 40,000 sheep, who can count on a debauchery that is open three times a week for one hour!