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  • Falkland – Cile – 29.02.2020

    We get back: the first step is to take the plane at Mount Pleasant, almost 2 hours in the queue to carry out the “formalities” including the payment of the “tourist” tax at the exit. The few flights – one or two commercial flights and a military one – can justify the slowness? After the stopover in Punta Arenas, where the Chileans are much less zealous than in Santiago, but they know that everyone comes from the Falklands where the rules are stricter, we continue northwards … In the meantime we learn that the new group has been blocked in Chile, no Italians are accepted by the Falklands authorities. And we arrive in Santiago where we move as a group, with some apprehension for the demonstrations of which we see no trace, to the hotel where we have dinner and celebrate the end of the trip with a last Pisco sour (maybe the best).

  • Falklands – 22.02.2020

    The first flight took us from Punta Arenas (Chile) to Mount Pleasant (Falklands), the military base built by the UK after the war with Argentina, which we flew over briefly… At Mount Pleasant we left the Airbus A320 for two Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander twin-engined aircraft of about 8 seats each which took us to Port Howard. After settling into the lodge, we visit the tiny museum about the war with Argentina. Among the exhibits I discover a Swiss-made mortar and a cartography manual, two objects that particularly touch me. Port Howard is the main “village” on West Island, the second largest island in the Falklands. It has 20-25 inhabitants and 40,000 sheep, who can count on a debauchery that is open three times a week for one hour!

  • Stretto di Magellano – 21.02.2020

    [en] Departure before dawn by bus to continue on a modern catamaran and explore the area of the western fjords of the Strait of Magellan. On the way, we met dolphins, Magellanic penguins, sea lions, seals, whales, Magellanic cormorants, … To reach the bottom of a fjord where two tongues of ice meet the sea. […]

  • I primi pinguini – 20.02.2020

    [en] In the morning we went out into the Strait of Magellan to admire the sea lions and cormorants of Isla Marta. Then I landed on Magdalena Island where I met my first penguins in the wild, among which were many “chicks”. In the afternoon, with Ignazia and Valeria, a taxi took us to Club […]

  • El Cóndor Pasa – 19.02.2020

    [en] The wind has fallen, but in order not to risk seasickness, the program for the next 3 days has been reorganized, today we are staying ashore. “Free” morning dedicated to the visit of the Maggiorino Borgatello Museum, a museum that brings together naturalistic, ethnological, technological, … In the afternoon we head inland, in the […]