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  • The End – 02.03.2020 [it]

    [en] Quiet flight and solitary transit in Madrid (the other travelling companions have a different itinerary as they go to Milan while I go to Geneva). In the airport, apart from some problems to pass the automatic entry control in the Schengen zone, everything is quiet even if I can see some masks and I […]

  • Santiago – 01.03.2020 [it]

    [en] While waiting for the return flights, we have one morning to visit Santiago, the group is breaking up . For a good while, I walk around the centre with Fabio before returning to the hotel and taking a last walk in the park on the nearby hill. Then we leave as a group for […]

  • Falkland – Cile – 29.02.2020 [it]

    We get back: the first step is to take the plane at Mount Pleasant, almost 2 hours in the queue to carry out the “formalities” including the payment of the “tourist” tax at the exit. The few flights – one or two commercial flights and a military one – can justify the slowness? After the stopover in Punta Arenas, where the Chileans are much less zealous than in Santiago, but they know that everyone comes from the Falklands where the rules are stricter, we continue northwards … In the meantime we learn that the new group has been blocked in Chile, no Italians are accepted by the Falklands authorities. And we arrive in Santiago where we move as a group, with some apprehension for the demonstrations of which we see no trace, to the hotel where we have dinner and celebrate the end of the trip with a last Pisco sour (maybe the best).

  • Stanley – 28.02.2020 [it]

    [en] In the morning, last visit of the fauna: albatrosses, cormorants and some rockhopper penguins. To continue with the flight back to Stanley including a stopover at Pebble Island where we had gone earlier in the week. Probably the nicer flight thanks to the weather and the itinerary. In Stanley the weather was better than […]

  • The Neck – 27.02.2020 [en]

    Rough morning, I can say that the second sticker on the door of the airport was done, after take-off, overflying the runway and immediate landing, the right engine did not give all the expected power! Result: two hours of waiting for the rotation with the other plane…. At Sounders Island, the weather is very bad, so we eat the packed lunch at the lodge but when we leave for the excursion to the Neck, a sandy arm that connects two parts of the island, the situation is a bit better, except for the wind. Not far away, a colony of albatrosses allows us to admire the “chicks” that are beginning to change their plumage and the aerial evolution of their parents who feed them. The beach of Neck and its surroundings are occupied by numerous penguins, including a small colony of king penguins protected by a cord. But a few individuals are moving away and these three are circling less than a meter away from me. It is not clear who is the curious tourist and who is the attraction. Back at the lodge, we discover that every afternoon, the plan of the next day’s flights is broadcast on the local radio, and the names of the passengers on each flight are mentioned! In the past, the radio was the only means of fast communication. Today, the flight plan also arrives via the internet, but the “tradition” has remained.