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  • Stretto di Magellano – 21.02.2020

    [en] Departure before dawn by bus to continue on a modern catamaran and explore the area of the western fjords of the Strait of Magellan. On the way, we met dolphins, Magellanic penguins, sea lions, seals, whales, Magellanic cormorants, … To reach the bottom of a fjord where two tongues of ice meet the sea. […]

  • I primi pinguini – 20.02.2020

    [en] In the morning we went out into the Strait of Magellan to admire the sea lions and cormorants of Isla Marta. Then I landed on Magdalena Island where I met my first penguins in the wild, among which were many “chicks”. In the afternoon, with Ignazia and Valeria, a taxi took us to Club […]

  • El Cóndor Pasa – 19.02.2020

    [en] The wind has fallen, but in order not to risk seasickness, the program for the next 3 days has been reorganized, today we are staying ashore. “Free” morning dedicated to the visit of the Maggiorino Borgatello Museum, a museum that brings together naturalistic, ethnological, technological, … In the afternoon we head inland, in the […]

  • Il ritorno a Punta Arenas – 18.02.2020

    [en] We had a good surprise during the night, a heavy rain washed the car which after 2 days of dirt roads was in a bad condition, tonight we can return it without any problem. After a last visit of Puerto Natales and in particular a fresco which tells the local history from the creation […]

  • Torres del Paine, il ritorno – 17.02.2020

    [en] We return to the northern part of the natural park, meeting Nandu and a large quantity of guanacos, not to mention birds . Unfortunately, in the morning, at the umpteenth change of lens to fit between the pictures of landscapes and animals, the telezoom stops working, the camera signals an error and refuses to […]

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